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Thank Goodness Dress

Here is the dress Galinda wears during the song "Thank Goodness" and when she announces her engagement.  The jacket of the dress has one sleeve, on the right arm a flesh tones jeweled glove is worn.  A straw hat is worn which has a feather coming off of it which is attached with what appears to be the same buttons that run down the front closure of the jacket.  A bustle of what appears to be maybe organza is on the back of the skirt.  The outfit appears to be some sort of floral two toned taffeta.

Here is Susan Hilferty's sketch of the dress:

glinda-engage.jpg (312169 bytes)

Promo Shots

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Thank Goodness.JPG (277687 bytes) Thank you to Pink Goes Good with Green for this wonderful picture of the cuff

1-17.jpg (108286 bytes) Thank you to Dave who sent me this amazing picture of the buttons



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