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Glinda's Thank Goodness Dress Breakdown and Analysis

Below is a detailed breakdown and analysis of the Thank Goodness Dress.  I break the outfit down from head to toe, starting from the top!  See the Thank Goodness page for full pictures of the outfit.


Glinda gets a cute little hat with this outfit.  That hat appears to be a dainty straw material and is very flat.  The center raised part of the hat usually has a pale yellow ribbon? around it.  The hat also has a jewel with a feather attached to it coming off of the back of it.  The feather in the US productions is white, Tokyo is yellow, the the UK feather is curlier with the feathery material only at the tip of the feather.  The hat is sometimes worn slightly off center to the left, but not always.  The UK version appears to made of a little more sturdy material, and a more upturned brim trimmed with green.

US version US version, slightly upturned brim Jewel on back with the feather
UK version, see the curly feather sticking out the top? Another UK, this one is green German production, note it has a higher upturned brim in the back



The wig for this look is an up do with a side-swept bang to the right side.  The wig has has some loose curls in the back and some large waves on the sides.  When I see this hair it makes me think Glinda is trying to look more grown up and professional, now that she is in the public eye.




The jewelry with this outfit, as always, is different from production to production.  The necklace is usually a small rhinestone necklace of some kind, sometimes a little dangly.



Collar/Neckline of Jacket

The neckline of this jacket is hard to describe.  It is off center to the right of the jacket and skewed off center.  The left side comes down farther than the right.  It is a medium green color and appears to be covered with maybe seed beads?  It is really hard to tell what is covering it but that is what it looks like to me.


Jacket and Skirt Fabric

The fabric of this outfit is very beautiful.  It is a two-toned material, maybe shot-taffeta? in a light turquoise blue and gold color.  The fabric also has a lovely floral design on it.


The jacket, as stated above, has a skewed diagonal neckline starting from the right going down towards the left.  The jacket has one sleeve, the other side has no sleeve and a glove is worn on that arm.  Five buttons appear to close the jacket, the buttons are covered with green and blue rhinestones.  There is a small gathered ruffle to the bottom of the jacket, with a larger ruffle in back with 2 of the rhinestone buttons on the back of the jacket.  The cuff of the one sleeve is the same material as the collar with 2 rhinestone buttons on the cuff.  It is very hard to describe this jacket so let me just point you to the pictures below.

diagonal closure of jacket Note a corset like part poking out the bottom of the front. one sleeve, one glove! Sleeve
Note the 2 rhinestone buttons on the back ruffle Note the lining color of the German jacket and it looks like the German buttons are different than other productions Rhinestone buttons Buttons!  Thanks to Dave who sent me this
The cuff, with 2 rhinestone buttons on either side, note the snaps used to close the cuff are open in this picture. Beaded cuff!  Looks like yellow, green and turquoise seed beads  (Picture thanks to PGGWG)



On the right arm a flesh-toned glove is worn that attaches around the middle finger.  It comes up over the elbow and is covered in silver/white rhinestones.




Of course Glinda has an engagement ring!  The ring varies from production to production, here are a few examples.




The skirt is the same two-toned fabric as the jacket is.  Its length is halfway between the knee and ankle.  There appear to be lots of pleats/gathers near the waist of the skirt.  There is also a little bustle in the back of the skirt made of what looks like a turquoisy colored organza that has rhinestones on it.  The bustle is a little bit longer in the back that the skirt is.

You can see the gather near the top The length varies slightly, this skirt is a little longer Note how the bustle is a little longer Bustle material with rhinestones



The shoes worn with this outfit are a dark gold heel that looks like is usually has a little bow on the front.



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