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Elphaba's Shiz Uniform

Elphaba's school uniform takes several forms.  When we first see her she is wearing the jacket, dress and turtle neck.  Later at the Ozdust and during popular she is wearing just the dress by itself.  Susan Hilferty said she put Elphaba in heavy boots to again connect her with the earth.

"The school colors for Shiz--a blue and white design. Elphaba is in dark blue...Galinda/Glinda in perky white. Costumes help describe their personalities and the central characters' emotional journeys. Hilferty explains in an Entertainment Design magazine article that she combined the Shiz University colors of white and blue for the ensemble outfits and used the colors individually for Glinda and Elphaba. "What I was trying to get at the end was an icon for each of them, where they become specifically representative: Glinda for goodness and Elphaba [who publically represented the Wicked Witch of the West] for evil. By using blue and white as the school colors, I was able to have Elphaba all in blue, and Glinda all in white. The goal was to make the two women be the most outstanding thing in every world they entered."  Resource: www.musicalschwartz.com

Here is Susan Hilftery's sketch of the dress from the Ozdust ball:

elphaba-party.jpg (45794 bytes)

Promo Shots

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I thought the third picture was really good because it shows how here little turtle neck is short, not full length, under her costume.

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