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Glinda's Popular Dress Breakdown and Analysis

Below is a detailed breakdown and analysis of the Popular Dress.  I break the outfit down from head to toe, starting from the top!  See the Popular Dress page for full pictures of the outfit.



Glinda wears a pink flower on the left side of her hair for this outfit.  Underneath the flower is a rhinestone barrette that stays when she takes the flower out of her hair.  No idea what kind of flower it is supposed to be, they all appear a little different, some with more petals than others, but always about the same size, I would guess 2 to 3 inches across.



Most have a straighter wig that looks like it is the same as the one she wears with her Shiz uniform.   Sometimes the wig has a little wave too it in the front that usually goes to the shoulders.  Sometimes it is a little curlier but tends to be on the straighter side.  Most have a rhinestone barrette holding the hair back to the side with a flower over it that you can see when Galinda takes the flower off (see above).



Again, as with all of her jewelry, the jewelry varies from production to production.  She always has some type of rhinestone necklace on, the one she wears here is more dainty and less elaborate than other necklaces she has.  Some have a drop/dangle in the front, others don't.


Bodice and Skirt Fabric

I find the skirt and bodice fabric very interesting.  It looks like some type of sheer chiffon with pink, purple, red, green and orange vertical stripes to it.  The fabric is placed at different angles to create different panels.  On the bodice it is placed over another pink fabric.



Corset Top

Now, the corset top is very interesting.  It is a separate piece from the skirt.  The striped rainbow fabric has ribbons placed in between some of the lines on the bust and corset of the top.  The corset panels have diagonal panels the alternate the way they face, from what I could figure out there looks like there is maybe 12 panels to the corset part.  In between each panel a vertical pink ribbon separates them.  The German production does not have the vertical ribbon on the bust area like the US version does but it does had ribbon underneath the bust line and on the bottom edge of the corset.  The top has thin pink straps with little rhinestone accents where the straps attach to the top.

paneling paneling, note how the diagonal ribbon goes from right to left, then left to right alternating rhinestone accents to straps
original dress bodice, note the different shape of the bust German Production, note the ribbon on the under bust and bottom edge instead of piping German production, note no ribbon on the bust, only colored thread like the skirt, and note the colored thread wrapped around the piping on the top
Close up of German production bodice paneling



The skirt is a multilayered skirt which is separate from the bodice.  The original version had 7 layers and was much longer, now the US version has 4 layers, and the German production has 5.  The separate layers get longer as they go down the skirt, with the topmost layer appearing to be maybe around 5 inches long?  The skirt now goes to a little above the knee.  The layers are made of the pink stripy material and are heavily pleated and edged with ribbon making for a very poofy skirt.  The German production skirt also has small rhinestones throughout the skirt layers..

US skirt

US skirt

German skirt, with 5 layers

Pleating with ribbon edging

Rhinestones in German version, you can also see the rainbow stripes on the fabric

Original skirt, it was much longer, going to the knee with around 7 layers to the skirt

Close up of German skirt, colored thread is through the skirt fabric like the bodice and it along the pleat line


The shoes appear to all be the same, usually a pink shiny heeled shoe.



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