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This dress is worn by Galinda to the Ozdust Ballroom as well as in her and Elphaba's dorm room during "Popular".  The top is similar to the Emerald City dress top but in pink.

Promo Shots

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Out of Town Tryouts in San Francisco

The Popular dress was different in the initial show that was put on in San Francisco before it went to Broadway.  The dress was basically the same but in a light blue color.

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Check out THIS on youtube video that Merina pointed me to which includes some footage of the San Francisco tryouts and you can see Glinda's blue Popular dress BUT, it has a different top in this video.  It has a more vest-type top with a collar.  From what I can tell in the small amount of footage (best parts to watch are 6.27 to 6.52) it looks like the vest has a diagonal closure in the front like the Thanks Goodness top.  Interesting.  Here are two quick pictures of it.



Original Dress

Here is the original dress worn during early Broadway productions.  This dress is slightly different in that it is a halter top and doesn't look like it has the stripped fabric, it is just pink with dark pink ribbon over the whole dress.  It also has more layers to the skirt with what looks like might be 7.

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Here is a picture of the actual fabric used:

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Thank you to Pink Goes Good with Green for these wonderful pictures of the German Popular dress!

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