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Non-Replicate Productions 

Below is the information regarding the Helsinki, Finland Production and the Copenhagen, Denmark Production.  They are both production that are based on the story and Broadway musical but are not a replicate of the Broadway production and vary some in story and in costume.


Copenhagen Production - Go HERE to see the website for this production.

Here are the few pictures that have been released of the Denmark production.


Glinda2_01.jpg (4888550 bytes)  Glinda_og_Boq.jpg (4278700 bytes)  Troldmanden_Dr_Dillamond.jpg (3793393 bytes)  Elphaba.jpg (3530831 bytes)  Elphaba_i_Oz.jpg (3349878 bytes)  Morrible.jpg (5265403 bytes)  forgood.jpg (1719024 bytes)

Glinda.jpg (3700217 bytes)  Nessarose_paa_Shiz.jpg (4260620 bytes)  Shiz.jpg (4213450 bytes)  Smaragdbyen.jpg (5506904 bytes)  Wiz-mania.jpg (2884533 bytes)  Fiyero_og_Elphaba.jpg (3731380 bytes)  Morrible_fanges.jpg (4929724 bytes)

dag1_002944_net.jpg (85434 bytes)  dag1_000701_net.jpg (90061 bytes)  dag_3_604553_net.jpg (85746 bytes)  dag_3_603740_net.jpg (74415 bytes)


Helsinki Production - Go HERE to see the website for this production.

I have tried to put these pictures in the best order I can guess for the show because the costumes are all different in this production.  I don't have much information regarding this production as I don't speak Finnish thus unable to read the website.  :)

Officially Released Pictures

23.jpg (262807 bytes)  22.jpg (337540 bytes)  21.jpg (352025 bytes)  16.jpg (328426 bytes)  15.jpg (385297 bytes)  19.jpg (383078 bytes)  18.jpg (381350 bytes)

20.jpg (300824 bytes)  17.jpg (332191 bytes)  9.jpg (328728 bytes)  8.jpg (288063 bytes)  10.jpg (229482 bytes)  13.jpg (342583 bytes)  12.jpg (385890 bytes)

11.jpg (312538 bytes)  25.jpg (255065 bytes)  26.jpg (192734 bytes)  24.jpg (358154 bytes)  6.jpg (269548 bytes)  3.jpg (344992 bytes)  2.jpg (264896 bytes)

4.jpg (289815 bytes)  5.jpg (369077 bytes)  7.jpg (303107 bytes)  1.jpg (440829 bytes)


Pictures from an online Finnish magazine and from the Official Website

finmag1.jpg (757733 bytes)  finmag2.jpg (639058 bytes)  finmag3.jpg (606025 bytes)  finmag6.jpg (700035 bytes)  finmag4.jpg (593211 bytes)  finmag5.jpg (551553 bytes)  finmag7.jpg (577195 bytes)




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