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 Madam Morrible

 Here are Madam Morrible's costumes, I included all of her costumes on one page since there aren't that many.

First, below is The Ozmopolitan Newsletter's Behind the Emerald Curtain Video that is a Costume Edition all about Madam Morrible's costumes.  It is very informative, interesting and definitely worth a look.  Check it out below or go HERE to watch it.




Madam Morrible wears this dress when we first see her at Shiz University at the beginning of the story.

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Susan Hilferty's sketches of this dress:

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Emerald City

This outfit is worn when Madam Morrible shows up in the Emerald City as The Wizard's "Press Secretary".

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Susan Hilferty's sketch of this dress:

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Thank Goodness

Worn during Act II.

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March of the Witch Hunters

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Susan Hilferty's sketch of this dress:

morrible-engage.jpg (329646 bytes)


Out of Town Tryouts in San Francisco

This is what Madam Morrible wore in the original show before going to Broadway, a little drab in my opinion, I'm glad they spiced her up a bit.  :)

14.jpg (18327 bytes)



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