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Japanese Production Bubble Dress

This production previously in Tokyo, currently in Osaka.

The Japanese Bubble dress is mostly the same as the US version with a few differences.  One being the petals are HUGE, the look even bigger then the West End/Stuttgart version.  The sequins look like they are more spaced out on the petals and top as well as they appear to be only a couple of colors instead of a whole bunch of blues. From what I can tell it looks like they are mostly one blue color and white/clear ones.  There is also a lot of squiggly white embroidered on the top as well as over the petals.  Her crown is also a little different than other productions.  Just an FYI, most of these pictures are fairly small accept the last 6 which are screencaps I took from a video.  There are very few pictures of the this production around for some reason.





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