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Galinda's Shiz Uniform Breakdown and Analysis

Below is a detailed breakdown and analysis of Glinda's Shiz Uniform.  I break the outfit down from head to toe, starting from the top!  See the Shiz Uniform page for full pictures of the outfit.  For information on the Original Uniform worn in early productions, go to the bottom of this page.


Galinda wears a simple beret hat with her uniform to begin with.  The hat is the same color as her jacket and skirt which ranges from a white to light cream color.  The hat looks like it is usually worn on the right side of the head.  Some versions have a cute bow on the left side of the hat too.



Galinda's wig with her Shiz uniform and most of the first half of the show is a looser more simple wig.  Most have a straighter wig, sometimes with a little wave too it in the front that usually goes to the shoulders.  Sometimes it is a little curlier (as seen in the first picture) but tends to be on the straighter side.  Most have a rhinestone barrette holding the hair back to the side.



The first time you see Galinda's Shiz Uniform she is wearing a button up jacket.  The material is a white to cream color and hits just below the waste.  The jacket has a collar that is sometimes pointy, sometimes curvy, see below pictures.  It has full length sleeves with cuffs that has slits up the sides.  The edge of the collar and opening have a white ribbon lining them.  The jacket is closed using 3 to 4 buttons which are usually white/cream with a gold edge on them.


Shirt and Vest

Later we see the outfit without the jacket and Galinda wears a shirt with tie and vest.  The shirt is a white shirt with light colored pinstripe.  The sleeves are short and puffy.  The collar is off center to the left to accommodate the off center opening of the vest.  She also has a small tie with a white/blue striped material and rosette of some kind that is blue with white on top.  The vest is a white to cream color with an off center diagonal closure.  It usually closes with 3 to 4 buttons.  The right and left side have what appear to be pockets but are probably false pockets and only for show.



The skirt is an cute A-line skirt with lots of pleats in it.  The skirt comes to just above the knee and has a ruffled little petticoat type later that shows at that bottom and hangs out about an inch.



I love these shoes, they are so cute.  It is said that Galinda wears these during the opening act under her Bubble Dress to aid in the quick change she has to get into this outfit.  The shoes are a white and navy heel with opened lacing up the front.  They appear to usually have four lace holes on either side.



This purse is a white or cream color that has a closure that looks a lot like a coin purse snap closure.  There are two straps on the bag.


Original Shiz Uniform

There are several differences with the current uniform seen above and the original uniform worn in early productions.  The dress is similar to Elphaba's uniform in several ways.  It has tucks going horizontal across the bodice turning into pleats at the waistline.  The skirt hem also has a diagonal hemline with the shorter side starting on the left and getting longer to the right.  The top of the dress has the same collar and small tie but the collar is edged with dark blue.  The sleeves of the dress are half length sleeves ending at the elbow with a cuff that is also edged with blue.  One thing I noticed is that there is a diagonal seam going from above the right armpit to below the left armpit where the tucks start.  The jacket is also different with a skewed closure going horizontal from the left down to the right side similar to the vest on the current Shiz uniform.

half length sleeves and tucks in top of dress tucks of top of dress turn into pleats at the waist, the diagonal hemline going from left down to right can be seen here diagonal closure of jacket

the diagonal seam in the top where the tucks start can be seen here marked in red


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