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Glinda's Engagement Ball Gown Breakdown and Analysis

Below is a detailed breakdown and analysis of the Engagement Ball Gown.  I break the outfit down from head to toe, starting from the top!  See the Engagement Ball Gown page for full pictures of the outfit.


The crown that is worn with this outfit is usually the same design as the crown worn with the Bubble Dress.  So whatever type of starburst/snowflake design that crown has, this crown has.  The one difference is that it is off-center.  The larger burst is often off to the left of the crown.  The crown sits closer to the head than the Bubble crown and looks like it appears to rap farther around the sides of the head.



From what I can tell, this looks like the same wig Glinda wears with her Thank Goodness outfit but they just add the crown instead.



As always, the necklace and earrings vary from production to production but seem to have a trend of more dangly parts to the necklace.  Here are a couple of examples.



The bodice of this outfit is separate from the skirt and made of a light pale blue/green fabric that has a light florally design on it.  The front has a V shaped panel with gathered material in it, the same material that the underskirt is made of.  The original bodice had 11 gold clasps in this middle panel, later versions did not have these. The UK/Stuttgart bodice dose appear to have 2 clasps near the bottom of the bodice V.  On the straps and down the front of the V panel are green and gold sequins and beads of various shapes and sizes.  The UK and Stuttgart production do not appear to have as much beading/sequins down the front as the US and Sydney productions do and looks more embroidered actually (see last picture below)

US Version

US version

note the gathering at the top of the V panel 

Close up of sequins/beading and fabric pattern

original production bodice with gold clasps

Stuttgart production, with 2 clasps at  bottom

Very little beading noted on this UK version, more embroidery on this version



The gloves worn with this dress are the same as the glove from the Thank Goodness dress, flesh-toned with rhinestones covering the glove.  



Of course the huge engagement ring is worn with this outfit.  The ring is different from production to production, here is one example.


The skirt is very similar to the Bubble dress is some ways.  The sides and back comprise of petals just like the Bubble dress.  They are made of a light green material that looks similar to the Bubble Dress material.  The petals have sequined designs on them in gold and a little green.  The patterns are a little more loose with fewer sequins when comparing to the Bubble Dress.  The front is open with a panel of a sheer material covered in a swirly design.  It looks like the dress might have a small bustle in the back, could be wrong though, that is just what it looks like.

opening in front with panel of swirly fabric Petals! See the looseness of the wavy pattern of the sequins? Swirly fabric!



The shoes are a gold strappy heel, this is the only picture I had, sorry!


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