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Glinda's Emerald City Dress Breakdown and Analysis

Below is a detailed breakdown and analysis of the Emerald City Dress.  I break the outfit down from head to toe, starting from the top!  See the Emerald City Dress page for full pictures of the outfit.



The wig for this dress appears to be the same as the wig Glinda wears with her Shiz outfit and Popular, refer to those sections for wig information



Glinda always wears some sort of rhinestone necklace with this outfit thought they change from production to production.  Here are a few examples below of what I have found.


The bodice of this dress is separate from the skirt.  It is almost the same as the popular dress top but with a few differences.  For one, the fabric is yellow but it does still have a stripe to it that appear to be pink and yellow.  The corset of the dress is paneled but without ribbon in the panels.  The part above the corset does not have ribbons that run vertical like the popular dress.  It does have some rhinestones near both armpits though.  The German and UK version is completely different with no corset and a sweetheart neckline.  The bodice of these versions have the same yellow squiggly yellow detailing on it that the skirt does.  The bottom is a rounded shape, not the pointed shape the US version has.

US version US version, note the rhinestones near the armpits German Production UK production



The skirt is a separate piece than the bodice in this outfit.  It is a handkerchief skirt with multiple multiple layers that are varying lengths, the longest being mid-calf length.  The fabric is a sheer stripped material, the stripes appear to be yellow and pink, which can be seen in the last picture below.  The layers of the skirt also have a swirly yellow design on them made of some yellow puffy ribbon/material.

US version

German version

close up of stripes


The shoes vary a little from production to production but are all some sort of strappy gold heel, often with a  bow on the front.


Glinda of course caries a purse with this outfit which also varies a little from production to production.  There is one main style that appears to be the most prominent.  

US US Chicago US, first national tour German, same as US



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