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The Bubble Dress

This is Galinda's main dress that is worn when we first see Glinda at the beginning and near the end when she is Glinda the Good.  The dress is made of blue pearalized material comprising of petals covering the skirt.  The bodice and skirt petals are covered with sequins.  Fun facts: Susan Hilferty, the designer of the costumes of Wicked, explained there are 25 different kinds of sequins used on The Bubble Dress.  The Bubble Dress was intended to appear like a wedding dress or every girl's fantasy of a princess outfit. (Resource: The Grimmerie).  There are 9 different fabrics used in the construction of the Bubble Dress (Threadbanger.com interview).

Here is Susan Hilferty's sketch of the dress:

glinda-bubble-tour.jpg (335536 bytes)


The different productions have been put onto separate pages due to the large number of pictures of the Bubble dress.  Please select production below:






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