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About Us

Galinda's Wardrobe was originally started by the wonderful Jeenyus and Sapphirenight, but upon the closing of GeoCities, they have passed to torch onto me so to speak.  :)  Galinda's Wardrobe is a site dedicated to the costumes of the Broadway musical Wicked.  My love started for Wicked several years ago when I saw the show in Chicago and my love has never fleeted.  I have always been interested in costuming and theater so I jumped at the chance to take over this wonderful site.  Hopefully this site will help you do your own research of the Wicked costumes and help aid you in making your own replica's.  

Please browse the site for info and pictures about the costumes and visit the forums for discussions.  Please Contact Me with questions or comments.

No copyright infringement intended in anything contained on this site.  All original work is protected by their lawful owners. No copyright infringement is intended - copyrighted images are being used for costume study and research only.

Wicked and all related to it are (C) their respective owners.