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The Bubble Dress Breakdown and Analysis

Below is a detailed breakdown and analysis of the Bubble Dress.  I break the outfit down from head to toe, starting from the top!  See the Bubble Dress Page for full pictures of the outfit.



From what I can tell, there are a few different versions of the crown, 4 or 5 from my count but I could be wrong about that.  There is the original crown from early on (first picture) and then several incarnations after that.  All of the crowns have, I will call them starburst or snowflake like ornaments on them, usually 9 to 11 on the crown with them progressively getting smaller from the middle out.  The one difference I have seen is that the West End, German and Australian version looks more like a snowflake to me (last picture), with fewer snowflakes then the US versions.  With the West End snowflakes being various sizes throughout the crown instead of getting smaller the farther to the back they go.

original crown US versions US version German crown
Australian Crown West End Crown

And here are a few wonderful pictures of the US crown found at Erin Wilson's Blog.  To see full pictures go to her blog or check out the Bubble Dress research page.



All of Glinda's hair varies from production to production so every Glinda's wig is a little different.  Some are shorter, some are curlier, and some fuller.  The Bubble Dress wig is always a blonde, curly wig of some sort though.  Most of the wigs tend to have some large loopy curls in the front of the crown.  The West End version tends to be a little more loosely curled than other productions.

Kristen Chenoweth wig Annaliegh Ashford wig Kendra Kassebaum wig Alli Mauzey wig
Stuttgart version West End version



Collars vary from production to production and actress to actress.  Some are taller, some are shorter.  Some more curvy, some less curvy.  Kristen Chenoweth's original collar was more pointy and curvy than later ones.  The collar is made of the same material as the petals of the dress and usually has some sequins on it.  It is attached to the dress with a beaded strap on each side.  The collar is not straight across in the back, it comes down in a V shape.  This shape of collar is seen in the US productions, Australian production, and early West End productions.  One collar that is different is the Stuttgart version, which is wider and has kind of spokes going though it (think of a bike wheel).  This version is also seen in later West End productions as well.  The Stuttgart version is more see though and has what appear to be rhinestones, now sequins, on it.

Original version

US version back of US version
the back, you can see the "V" shape German version Later West End Collar very much like German collar



The necklace started out for a brief time as a beaded choker with 7 small drops coming down but changed to a rhinestone necklace later on.  In the US from what I can tell there is a blue and white drop rhinestone necklace.  In the West End and Stuttgart version, the necklace has a snowflake shape which matches the crown toppers.

Original necklace First incarnation of rhinestone version US rhinestone version Stuttgart necklace, this version also seen in West End Productions I found this version was worn in one West End production, haven't found a picture of it anywhere else


Neckline and Bodice

The neckline of the dress appears to vary slightly, as always, from dress to dress but there tends to be the same necklines with a few variations.  The original dress was a more swooped off the shoulder neckline.  In the US it varies from a deep swoop to a slight  swoop to a few with an almost (but not quite) sweetheart neckline.  I hold out the term sweetheart neckline for the West End and Stuttgart versions.  They have a deep sweetheart neckline.  The bodice is separate from the skirt with small poofy sleeves. The front of the US bodice is rounded with the Stuttgart and West End versions pointy.  One thing I found is that the Australian dress started out almost exactly like US versions is shape (see below) but has later evolved to a more sweetheart neckline with pointed front like the West End and German Productions.  I don't have it pictured here but the Japanese bodice is mostly the same as the US version.

original neckline-US swoopy-US more straight-US

slight sweetheart-US

Stuttgart sweetheart West End sweetheart Original Australian bodice Later Australian bodice
Back of Original top Back of US top, note the petal coming off of the top to conceal the safety hook she connects to while in the Bubble Back of US top


The Skirt and Petals

The skirt consists of many many many petals covered in waves of sequins.  The number and size of the petals vary from dress to dress.  Some petals are very wide across with others smaller in width.  There tends to be around 5 layers of petals gradually getting bigger the farther down the skirt they are.  The original dress had four layers of scallops, not petals.  The petals on the West End, Stuttgart, and Tokyo production tend to be much much larger.  The sequins on the West End and Stuttgart version are a much darker blue color than the US and appear to be spaces out a little more than the US dress.  Also note the the German production petals have little dots on them as well! (This information via Pink goes Good with Green who is in contact with someone from the German production) See picture below.  The Tokyo sequins look like there are fewer and more spaced apart with squiggly white embroidered detail in the petals as well as the top.

Original dress US version US version, no tiny petals on top layer US, has tiny little petals near waist
German with larger sized petals Close up of German, the fabric has little dots on it! West End Tokyo production
Underskirt and petticoats in US version Up close of sequins on the German dress (Picture thanks to PGGWG) Up close of sequins on the original dress



It is said by people on the web that in the opening scene, Glinda is wearing here blue and white Shiz shoes with her Bubble Dress to aid in the quick costume change she has (check the GA forums for more info).  I haven't been able to find picture proof of it but I have no doubt that this is true because it only makes sense.  However, later, I have found that she is wearing her gold Thank Goodness dress shoes with her Bubble Dress at the end.  Picture evidence below.



The wand, like everything else, varies from production to production.  The main US version is like a large snowflake starburst thing like the crown.  It has a large jeweled center with a whole bunch of spokes coming out of it.  The jewels in it are white and blue, some with more white, some with more blue.  There is also a version I found, not sure from which production, that has a ball with sparkly things sticking out the top of it.  The West End and Stuttgart production wands are like a firework that exploded outward are are 3D versus the US wand which is flat.

original wand US, smaller stones US, larger stones US, seen in a Broadway production
West End wand, more white stones German wand, more blue stones than West End wand <<Australia has a wand like the West End and German wands


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