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Welcome to Galinda's Wardrobe!  This site contains research, references images and other information regarding the costumes from the Broadway musical Wicked to help you with making your own Wicked costumes.  Be it Glinda's Bubble Dress to Elphaba's Act II dress, we have it all!  Please browse our research sections and forums.  New updates will be displayed on the front page.


5/28/11:  A few pictures from the Dutch production of Wicked have surfaced!!  Very excited!  The costumes look very very similar to the German production costumes.  Here are the few pictures that I have found (I found them on the Dutch Wicked Facebook page).  The production will premiere November 6th of this year at the Cirustheater in Scheveningen, Netherlands.  Glinda will be played by Chantal Janzen and Elphaba by the German productions very own Willemijn Verkaik (yay!).

Glinda_Dutch.jpg (156619 bytes)  Bubbledress_Dutch.jpg (52351 bytes)  Elphie_Dutch.jpg (70377 bytes)  ElphieB_Dutch.jpg (35891 bytes)  Fiyero_Dutch.jpg (61913 bytes)


2/24/11: A very exciting video to share with you guys!  A new Behind the Emerald Curtain video just came out, another costume addition.  This one is all about the beading in the costumes!  Definitely worth a watch!  They show a lot of Madam Morrible's costumes up close because hers have so much intricate beading.  And don't forget the costume video about Madam Morrible they previously release (see here).  I also took some screencaps from the video which you can see below.  I will eventually add these to the separate costumes pages.

BtEC_17.jpg (479062 bytes)  BtEC_14.jpg (512720 bytes)  BtEC_4.jpg (475510 bytes)  BtEC_9.jpg (406175 bytes)

BtEC_13.jpg (442616 bytes)  BtEC_12.jpg (428748 bytes)  BtEC_11.jpg (363511 bytes)  BtEC_8.jpg (399234 bytes)

BtEC_1.jpg (396777 bytes)  BtEC_2.jpg (399686 bytes)  BtEC_7.jpg (303622 bytes)  BtEC_5.jpg (363940 bytes)

BtEC_6.jpg (365837 bytes)  BtEC_10.jpg (363870 bytes)  BtEC_15.jpg (358850 bytes)  BtEC_3.jpg (364320 bytes)


01/25/11: Well, here is a fun update!  Some pictures from the Denmark production have finally been released and I have to say I am really loving the costumes, they are so pretty!  One thing that is interesting is the original pictures that were released, those costumes are not used in these pictures at all so it will be curious to see if they end up not using them at all.  Here are the pictures that were released:  Caution, very high res!

Glinda2_01.jpg (4888550 bytes) Glinda_og_Boq.jpg (4278700 bytes) Troldmanden_Dr_Dillamond.jpg (3793393 bytes) Elphaba.jpg (3530831 bytes) Elphaba_i_Oz.jpg (3349878 bytes) Morrible.jpg (5265403 bytes) forgood.jpg (1719024 bytes)
Glinda in Bubble Glinda and Boq at Shiz Dr. Dillamond and the Wizard Elphaba and the Grimmerie Elphaba Madam Morrible For Good
Glinda.jpg (3700217 bytes) Nessarose_paa_Shiz.jpg (4260620 bytes) Shiz.jpg (4213450 bytes) Smaragdbyen.jpg (5506904 bytes) Wiz-mania.jpg (2884533 bytes) Fiyero_og_Elphaba.jpg (3731380 bytes) Morrible_fanges.jpg (4929724 bytes)
Glinda in Bubble Nessarose in her wheelchair at Shiz What is this Feeling? The Emerald City The Emerald City As Long as You're Mine Have you ever thought of how you would fair in captivity?
A few lower res pictures: dag1_002944_net.jpg (85434 bytes) dag1_000701_net.jpg (90061 bytes) dag_3_604553_net.jpg (85746 bytes) dag_3_603740_net.jpg (74415 bytes)
Dr. Dillamond and class Chistery after he gets his wings Elphaba and the Wizard Guards

Also related to the Denmark production, on the productions official website, you can view costume sketches for Denmark Production: http://www.detnyteater.dk/forestillinger/wicked/kostumer/

There is also news that there is going to be a production in the Netherlands!  No further news related to this production but I will post about it when I find out more!  I also have lots of other great info to add when I get the chance, I have been sick so didn't have time for a while to update but should have lots of time now!  So look forward to updating again soon!


Older News

10/27/10:  So, huge update.  I have added 350+ pictures to the site, almost every single page of the site has been updated including pictures added to all Research pages and information/pictures added to the Analysis pages.  I made a page for the Denmark and Finland productions under Research as well as split up the Bubble Dresses into separate pages because there were too many sections on the Bubble page and I thought it was getting to be too much.  A lot of great stuff was added so check everything out.  Here are a few tidbits that were added thanks to Pink Goes Good with Green, check out the pages for more:

GPopular3.JPG (384423 bytes)  GPopular.JPG (334218 bytes)  el-39.JPG (198669 bytes)  Thank Goodness.JPG (277687 bytes)  Bubble layer1.JPG (250171 bytes)


9/3/10: A big thank you to Merina again who pointed me in the direction of an online Finish magazine with a ton of pictures from the Helsinki production.  It has a lot of what we saw already (posted below) but had a few new things or new angles of pictures we already have.  I took some large screencaps of some of the pictures that I found the most interesting and showed new things, I don't have time at the moment to do all of them, if I get a chance I will.  But like I said, some of it repeats what we have already seen.  It does have some more pictures of the ensemble though if you are interested.  If you would like to see the rest, which I recommend, go HERE to see the magazine, it is about 40 pages!

finmag1.jpg (757733 bytes) finmag2.jpg (639058 bytes) finmag3.jpg (606025 bytes) finmag6.jpg (700035 bytes)
Glinda's Goddess dress Another look at Popular Thank Goodness! Nessarose and Tin man Boq
finmag4.jpg (593211 bytes)

finmag5.jpg (551553 bytes)

finmag7.jpg (577195 bytes)
Glinda the Good, I kind of like her crown  XD Miss Glinda?  Chistery and Glinda, he is handing her the green bottle and Elphie's hat. Boq and Nessarose at the Ozdust, you can see her shoes on her lap


8/26/10:  Well this is exciting!  The Ozmopolitan Newsletter is going to be doing Behind the Emerald Curtain Videos and the first one came out today.  The first video was a Costume Edition!  Exciting!  The video focused on Madam Morrible's costumes and was very informative and interesting.  Check it out below or go HERE to watch it.



8/25/10:  A big thank you to Merina who was kind enough to send me a bunch of pictures from the Helsinki production that have surfaced!  Some of these pictures are very bizarre in my opinion.  If you remember, the production is not exactly the same as the current productions, as evidenced by these pictures as well.  For now I am going to just put them up on the main page here until I can figure out where I want to put these pictures.  And what is with the Greek Goddess Glinda?  I put them in a sort of chronological order, or at least my best guess.  There was also a big update on the Helsinki Website for Wicked but seeing as I don't speak Finnish, not sure what it says.  :)


6/14/10:  So, I did a little reorganizing of a few pages and added some new info.  I rearranged the Bubble Dress page into better sections, separating the West End and German Dress pictures, and added a Australian and Japanese Section.  So now each production has its own section on that page for better organization (US, West End, German, Australian, Japanese, Finnish, and Denmark).  I also added some info to the Bubble Dress Analysis to include more pictures/info on the non-US productions.  I have a ton of pictures from the non-US productions of various costumes that I intend to upload when I get the chance but I think I made a good start.  I also added some info the Galinda's Shiz uniform page about her original uniform and also updated the Analysis page for this costume as well.

I also came across some sort of Finnish magazine viewable online that you can zoom in on that had one of the Helsinki pictures we saw before.  So I made a huge spliced together of the main picture that shows Glinda and Elphaba in a very high resolution so you can see some detailing better.


6/12/10:  Another photo from the Helsinki production has surfaced and you can see both Galinda and Elphaba's costumes a little better as well as Galinda's wand!  Her wand appears to have a star on the top of it but you can only see a little bit of it, the rest of the top is behind Elphaba's hat in this picture.  You can also see that her sleeves have rhinestones on them.  You can also see that Elphaba's costume still looks a little patchworky but much different than the US and other productions.  Here is the picture:

I have also added some info about the original Popular Dress and Galinda's original Shiz uniform to the Costume Research sections.  I will be adding that info to the Costume Analysis in the future.  See those pages for the pictures.


6/7/10:  So, I was a little confused about the pictures I posted a couple of days ago, those are of the Denmark production of Wicked, not the Finnish.  

Here are the Finnish production photos that have surfaced, I found them on the website for the Helsinki, Finland Production, go HERE to see the site (Pink Goes Good with Green has them posted as well).  Elphaba looks a little photoshopped to me in these though.  I am assuming that the third picture is of Madam Morrible, Fiyero and the Wizard, but alas, I don't read Finnish so couldn't read the site.  :)


And again, here are the Copenhagen pictures in case you missed them as well as some fabric from Joann's that would be perfect for Glinda.  HERE is the website for the Copenhagen, Denmark Production.  


Found in the Bridal fabric section of Joann's and is $4.99/yrd.



6/6/10:  Wow, two updates in two days!  Amazing.  I finally finished the Elphaba Costume Analysis!  So they are all uploaded and accessible via the Costume Analysis pageGo check them out!  Now that that is done my next update should hopefully be to upload tons and tons of pictures I have that I have been meaning to upload.  :) 


6/5/10:  Okay, so I apologize for being for not updating lately.  I have been so busy in real life I haven't had a lot of time to update.  Don't worry, I am still here and have tons to share.  And do not fear, I will get to Elphaba's costume analysis.  :)  Here are a few snippets of info to share until I get a chance to do a real update.

Merina pointed me to THIS youtube video that includes some footage of the San Francisco tryouts and you can see Glinda's blue Popular dress BUT, it has a different top in this video.  It has a more vest-type top with a collar.  From what I can tell in the small amount of footage (best parts to watch are 6.27 to 6.52) it looks like the vest has a diagonal closure in the front like the Thanks Goodness top.  Interesting.  Here are two quick pictures of it.  These have been added to the Popular page.


In some other interesting news, some info about the Finnish production has finally surfaced on musicalschwartz.com.  The production is non-replicated meaning it will be different from current productions in design, content and costumes!  See this page of Stephen Schawrtz's site for some tidbits of info.  And here are a few pictures of Galinda and Elphaba from the Denmark production (they are SUPER HIGH RES!  you have been warned!).  I will upload my thoughts about the costumes when I get a chance but I will say that I am in love with the top of Galinda's dress, so sparkly!  :)

I did also find some fabric at Joann's that is almost exactly like the white netting on Galinda's dress.  I found in the Bridal fabric section and is $4.99/yrd.  Here are some pictures:



Until later, new site content coming soon!


3/28/10:  Finally got a chance to finish some of the costume analysis I have been working on.  So there is now a new section to the website, Costume Analysis.  Here you can find breakdowns from head to toe and analysis of the costumes to help aid in figuring out how the costume is constructed.  I will only be doing Galinda and Elphaba's costumes only for now, may add other characters in the future.  For now, I have only uploaded Galinda's Costume analysis because that was all I have finished so far.  Check back later for Elphaba's costumes!  Enjoy!


2/22/10: I finally got a chance to upload some Ensemble Pictures to the Ensemble Page.  I uploaded around 75 pictures.  Thank you to everyone who sent me pictures for this page, I really appreciate it.  I am still working on the analysis pages of Galinda and Elphaba's costumes so stay tuned for those coming soon, still working on them.  Until then, enjoy the new pictures!


01/26/10:  I am currently in the process of doing some breakdown and analysis of all of Galinda and Elphaba's costumes to post (most of Galinda's are done).  They will breakdown each costume in detail from head to toe to make it a little easier to figure out what is in them for people doing research.  I am doing this because I realized having a whole bunch of pictures might not be helpful to some and breaking it down from head to toe may make it easier to see all the components of the costumes.  There will be a new section just for these analysis.  I am only going to be doing Galinda and Elphaba for now though because it does take a lot of time to do (especially Galinda, lol).  In the future I may do other characters.  So look for those in the next couple of weeks!  And I still have a ton of pictures to post, real life has just gotten the better of me at this time so haven't had time to post anything.  They will come though.  I am also looking for pictures of the Ensemble because I really don't have very many.  If anyone has a bunch of pictures of other cast members and are willing to share, let me know!


01/04/10:  A fairly large update to several pages.  Added around 75 pictures to the following pages:  Glinda's Emerald City Dress, Galinda's Shiz uniform, Glinda's Thank goodness dress, and a few to the Bubble Dress page including some wonderfully high resolution pictures from Jess who took them at a display in Sydney (examples below).  Thanks Jess!  Go to the bottom of the Bubble Dress page to see these pictures.  I know that was a huge Glinda update, next time I promise to add stuff from other characters.  :)


12/24/09:  Merry Christmas to all!  A small Christmas present for everyone, I added 30 more pictures to the Bubble Dress page.  :)  I also fixed that page so it loads faster, some of the thumbnails were too big and made the page really slow to load so I fixed that.  Enjoy!  I plan on updating some more pages later tonight if I get a chance so stay tuned!  And a big thank you to everyone who has emailed me pictures!


12/16/09: Several pages have been update.  12 pictures have been added to the Engagement Ball gown page, 7 to the Popular Dress including pictures of the fabric used for the dress, 12 pictures of the Defying Gravity dress,  and 5 of Madam Morrible.  Check out the pages to see the new pictures, below are a few examples of what I uploaded:


12/10/09:  I added 20+ pictures to the Elphaba Act II dress page, mostly some up close exhibit pictures that show the details of the dress really nicely.  Below area  few examples of what I added.  I also added 10+ pictures to the Bubble Dress page, mostly pictures of the Stuttgart/West End dress (mostly Stuttgart, I love that version).  Check out the pages for more!


12/01/09:  Hey guys, I added some cool pictures I found at Susan Hilferty's website of her design sketches (found on her website, www.susanhilferty.com) to some of the characters pages.  I also came across this really great interview at threadbanger.com with Susan Hilferty that I took a few screencaps of because she shows the undershirt of the Bubble Dress really nicely.  Go watch it if you haven't seen it before, it is really interesting!  Here a a few of the screencaps from it, check out the Bubble Dress page for more!  (sorry for the > in the middle of the pictures,  I had to pause the video to take caps).  You can also see how very iridescent and pearly the fabric is!



11/17/09:  It was brought to my attention that I had not included a page for Elphaba's final dress she wears in her very last scene.  Somehow I forgot to make one before, so, there is now a page for her Finale Dress.  It is a hard costume to find pictures/info on but I was able to put a little something together.  Check out the page here.  If I find out more info I will add it later.  :)



11/16/09:  Well, Galinda's Wardrobe is up and running again!  I am your new mod, Andrea, aka erisedstraeh on the forums.  :)  We have moved to a new server and are in the process of compiling all the information and pictures we have and getting the site fully up and running again.  I have lots of other pictures I need to upload but I think I have a good start on everything.  Please check out what we have so far and check out the forums.  :).  

And if anyone knows of any good Wicked sites to link to with good information on Wicked or Wicked news, please let me know so I can add it to the site.


Wicked and all related to it are (C) their respective owners.